The Company

UFS conta ad UFS boasts a hundred personnel, including employees, collaborators and agents, as a family that has (proudly) become extended.
The company designs, tests, constructs, tempers and internally coats all of the tools in its 3 operational locations, defined by industrial growth and quality.

Throughout over 70 years in operation, dedicated entirely to the field of thread-cutting tools, UFS has been managed to adapt its resources to the needs of the market through technical, productive and organisational transformations that have led the company to stand strong before major global competitors.
Amplification of production, new research divisions, use of latest-generation computerised systems for order and scheduling management, quality certifications... all represent natural and continuous evolutions for UFS.
Optimal coordination – in terms of operational and financial management, optimising flows and allowing executive spaces to be created for the introduction of new types of specific tools – satisfies the up-scale processing of challenging and latest-generation materials.

UFS pursues its strong expansion, exports to all European countries (and many non-European countries – particularly in the Asian, South American and North African markets) and the ongoing action of our direct agents, dedicated to foreign markets, consolidating the company’s presence with increasing appreciation.
UFS sells its products in over 40 countries around the world, both through its own sales network and via specialised sales chains (private labels).
In Italy, UFS is one of the leading manufacturers of thread-cutting tools, with over 500 clients to whom it provides excellent quality products.

Thanks to extensive warehouses of finished products made to standard, logistics can collect and ship orders within 24 hours.
Special products are sent off within 6 weeks from ordering, following UFS approval.
To view available stock, the company offers support to users via the B2B platform (with access permitted following a simple accreditation procedure).
Users/customers can immediately execute online orders by adding items of interest to the cart, with confirmations of the order being received shortly after submission.